In today’s world, leaders are facing tough challenges and complex issues. Each decision needs to be informed and measured, as the impact can be wide ranging.

I assist organizations to make informed decisions by providing them with thoughtful and rigorous research and insights. As a result of my consulting, industry and academic background, I ensure that research is done in a rigorous manner to meet academic standards, while ensuring it is relevant and practical to address an organization’s needs. I work with both primary and secondary data and cover both quantitative and qualitative methods. All research conducted will be in line with ethical standards.


It is important for organizations to ensure that their strategy considers their purpose, the value of their employees, the needs of their customers, the longer-term growth aspirations of the organization and the ever-changing market. A successful strategy is one that permeates throughout the organization and guides decision making and actions at every level, whether you are an executive or front line employee.

I partner with organizations to explore growth options and provide strategic planning to help achieve optimal, meaningful and sustainable results. This includes early insights to help shape the thinking and strategy, workshops and engagements to explore different scenarios and develop the strategy and plan and then collaborate with the middle management and front line teams to develop action plans to communicate, implement and track progress.


Having the right systems and processes to support your business is critical. An organizations systems and processes should enable their employees to work efficiently and effectively while instilling trust, transparency and accountability. Systems and processes should serve a purpose and should never hinder success or create inequality and unfair practice in an organization.

I help organizations to identify and setup processes and systems that are responsible and fit for purpose for their current setup and will allow for optimal growth as they mature. I have specific expertise in helping early stage, start up and growing firms to setup and embed their systems and processes that are suitable for their current stage of growth.


Research shows that the quality of implementation plays a significant part in bringing about outcomes. If a program is implemented poorly or even moderately well, its goals are unlikely to be achieved, or the results will be less significant. With high quality implementation, success is more likely and the desired impact is achieved.

I work with organizations to develop well thought through, tested and agile implementation and delivery plans. This includes ensuring the various stakeholder needs are factored in, the delivery methods are understood and mapped out, the right output and outcome targets are defined, the risks are accounted for and evaluated, sufficient agile and problem solving is built in to manage these risks and bottlenecks and the right monitoring system is in place to track progress and deliver on our targets. Majority of my experience lies in this area where I have delivered projects in both private sector and public (Government and NGO), as well as developing and developed regions and therefore understand the complexities and nuances of these areas along with location, culture and regulation.


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