In today’s global marketplace, leaders face increasingly complex and challenging issues. Every decision carries significant consequences, making it crucial to have a solid foundation of research and insights to guide strategic choices.

I offer organizations around the world my extensive expertise in conducting rigorous research and providing valuable insights. Drawing upon my background in consulting, industry, and academia, I ensure that research is conducted with academic rigor while remaining practical and relevant to address the unique needs of each organization. I employ a comprehensive range of quantitative and qualitative methods, utilizing both primary and secondary data sources. All research activities are conducted in adherence to ethical standards.


It is important for organizations to ensure that their strategy considers their purpose, the value of their employees, the needs of their customers, the longer-term growth aspirations of the organization and the ever-changing market. A successful strategy is one that permeates throughout the organization and guides decision making and actions at every level, whether you are an executive or front line employee.

I partner with organizations to explore growth options and provide strategic planning to help achieve optimal, meaningful and sustainable results. This includes early insights to help shape the thinking and strategy, workshops and engagements to explore different scenarios and develop the strategy and plan and then collaborate with the middle management and front line teams to develop action plans to communicate, implement and track progress.


Robust and efficient systems and processes are essential for organizations operating in the global marketplace. These systems and processes should empower employees to work effectively and efficiently while fostering trust, transparency, and accountability. They should serve a clear purpose and avoid hindering progress or perpetuating inequalities and unfair practices.

I assist organizations worldwide in identifying and implementing systems and processes that are well-suited for their specific needs and growth trajectory. With a particular focus on early-stage startups and growing firms, I offer specialized expertise in establishing and embedding responsible and purpose-driven systems and processes tailored to each organization’s unique stage of development.


Evidence based outcomes highlights the critical role of implementation quality in achieving desired outcomes. Poorly or moderately executed programs are unlikely to meet their goals or produce significant results. Conversely, high-quality implementation increases the likelihood of success and enables the desired impact to be realized.

I collaborate closely with organizations to develop meticulously planned, thoroughly tested, and agile implementation and delivery plans. This comprehensive process includes carefully considering the needs of diverse stakeholders, thoroughly understanding and mapping out delivery methods, defining appropriate output and outcome targets, comprehensively evaluating and mitigating risks, incorporating agile problem-solving methodologies to effectively manage challenges and bottlenecks, and establishing an efficient monitoring system for tracking progress and achieving targets. With a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects across both private and public sectors, including government and non-governmental organizations, as well as in diverse regions, encompassing both developing and developed contexts, I possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities, nuances, and unique considerations associated with location, culture, and regulation


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