“Whether a conference, public event, internal workshop or virtual podcast/webinar, I am passionate about engaging with other panelists and audiences to help inspire all of us to think differently, push our boundaries and find new ways to make an impact.”

Topics I usually engage on:

  • Maximising and measuring social impact
  • Delivery and implementation in the public sector
  • Gender diversity and women in leadership
  • Responsibility of stakeholders and business
  • Improving education systems and delivery
  • Human Rights and Racial Equity
  • Government advocacy groups

Typical Engagements:

  • Conferences and webinars
  • Schools, Universities (Business School lectures) and other educational institutions
  • Public events and forums
  • Organizational workshops
An interview with Helen Zille, former WCG Premier



TV Interview – Impact of cutting UNRWA Funds


ICMM Mining Conference on Social Responsibilities, UK

International Mining Indaba – Social Responsibility of Business, South Africa

International Womens Day – Equity vs Equality, Australia

TV Interview – Literacy and Education in rural areas, South Africa


International E Learning Conference – Innovation in Education, Rwanda

Educational outcomes based on Modelo Pionaro, Chile


ICMM Mining Conference on Social Responsibilities, UK

EDBAC – Doctorate thesis presentation, US


Gauteng provincial health leadership team – improving health citizen delivery, South Africa

Leadership development – Top 100 Civil Servants delivery program, Brunei

Conference – delivering results in public sector, Australia


Leadership development – Top 100 Civil Servants delivery program, Brunei

Gauteng Govt provincial Cabinet – accountability and capacity to deliver, South Africa


In conversation with Premier Helen Zille on delivering results for the WC, personal interview, South Africa

WC Govt Bosberaad – Effective public sector delivery, South Africa


Western Cape medical association on leadership development, South Africa